About Our University

Who Are We?

The Southeastern Career Center is the first Career and Technical Education Center that was built in the state of Indiana. In 1964, a group of very forward thinking educators and business leaders saw a need for a bridge between Industry and Education, and saw that it needed to start at the high school level. 

The school began construction on 46 acres donated to state of Indiana for the project, and was completed in 1966. The original name for the school was “Southeastern Indiana Vocational School”; it was later changed to the Southeastern Career Center in the mid 1980’s.

Your Success Is Our Mission

The Southeastern Career Center strives to provide students with a learning environment that integrates technical skills and academic knowledge, while also promoting work ethics, citizenship, and self-esteem. 

This is all done in an effort to prepare students for careers in business and industry. In addition, we provide students the necessary foundations for post-secondary education and advanced technical training should they choose those paths.

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