Flowers and Text

Recently, SCC held their annual Spring Fling. Students were able to enjoy a refreshment and watch the egg drop contest. Each program had the opportunity to enter their own design into the contest. The goal was to have the lightest working design. On the day of the event, Building Trades Instructor, Mr. Ault, was raised up on a lift and dropped the eggs. The results of the contest are as follows:


1st Place weight of  25 grams, perfect egg -Precision Machining

2nd Place weight of 51 grams, perfect egg -Heavy Equipment 

3rd Place weight 57 grams, perfect egg -Criminal Justice



1st Place, weight of 72 grams, perfect egg -Cosmo II

2nd place, weight of 96 grams, perfect egg-Heavy Equipment

3rd place, weight of 166 grams, perfect egg -Building Trades I


It is always nice to see students getting involved, and getting to have some fun with their peers.