Students in the Health Science program at the Southeastern Career Center have the opportunity to earn their CNA license. In order to become a CNA, students must first do three different things. First, they must complete a minimum of 30 classroom hours covering 30 different healthcare topics and 72 different patient skills. Secondly, they must complete a minimum of 45 clinical hours at a state approved nursing facility. Finally, the test. Students must take a 100 question exam and pass with a score of 80% or higher, and they have to perform 7 of 72 skills that are drawn at random. 

      SCC is beyond proud of all the students who have worked hard to earn this achievement. Having their CNA allows students to work in long term care facilities, home health agencies, and in hospitals. This program provides students with the opportunity to get into the workforce and make an impact in their community. 

Once again, congratulations to all the CNAs.